Leo and Noah find the perfect way to remember their beloved cats...

Noah (9) and Leo (7) are brothers and both really talented artists. 

They had two cats, Maggie and Daisy who sadly passed away and the boys thought a great way to remember them would be to have their drawings printed on some cushions. I thought they were so wonderful I wanted to interview the boys and they said yes…. thank you Noah and Leo! xx

I love the drawings of both cats so much, can you tell me some things you remember about them? I know Daisy liked to sleep under the trees.

Noah- Daisy thought she was a dog. She followed us everywhere. To the shops, to nursery and school. She would stick her claws out when she was happy. 

Leo- Maggie was actually quite sensible. She was very cute.

Noah- She was a clever cat, fast and good at running.

Leo- She had to be good at dodging Montag's wagging tail! (Montag is our Cocker Spaniel).


Does having the cushions help you remember them and make you happy?

Both- Yes!

Noah- It makes me feel happy and pleased.

Leo- Epic!


What is so special about having a cat as a pet?

Noah- You can stroke them and play with them.


Do you think they are smarter than dogs?

Leo- Hmmmmmm (Dad asks, "do you think Maggie was cleverer than Montag?")

Both- Yes!

Leo- Definitely!


Can you think of anything else you would like to have your drawings on?

Leo- Ummm, maybe a plate or a calendar.

Noah- I would like to see one of my drawings on a lamp or shade and when you switch it on at night the picture would glow on the wall.


What would you like to be when you grow up?

Noah- A scientist, because I want to make chemicals.

Leo- A diver and see all the fish.

Noah- Do you want to take pictures and see if you can find a new species of fish?

Leo- Yeah!


Can you tell me a joke?

Leo- How do you make a witch Itch? Take away the W.

Noah- Knock knock. Who's there? Arthur. Arthur who? Arthur any more biscuits in the tin?


Here are the cats, I think the boys have captured them brilliantly..









February 12, 2015 by Julie Cox
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sharon smith

sharon smith said:

We love the cushions, such a great way to remember our puss cats. I wanted to have them in the living room but the boys have taken them into their bedrooms! Will need to order more! :)

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