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Leo and Noah find the perfect way to remember their beloved cats...

Noah (9) and Leo (7) are brothers and both really talented artists. 

They had two cats, Maggie and Daisy who sadly passed away and the boys thought a great way to remember them would be to have their drawings printed on some cushions. I thought they were so wonderful I wanted to interview the boys and they said yes…. thank you Noah and Leo! xx

I love the drawings of both cats so much, can you tell me some things you remember about them? I know Daisy liked to sleep under the trees.

Noah- Daisy thought she was a dog. She followed us everywhere. To the shops, to nursery and school. She would stick her claws out when she was happy. 

Leo- Maggie was actually quite sensible. She was very cute.

Noah- She was a clever cat, fast and good at running.

Leo- She had to be good at dodging Montag's wagging tail! (Montag is our Cocker Spaniel).


Does having the cushions help you remember them and make you happy?

Both- Yes!

Noah- It makes me feel happy and pleased.

Leo- Epic!


What is so special about having a cat as a pet?

Noah- You can stroke them and play with them.


Do you think they are smarter than dogs?

Leo- Hmmmmmm (Dad asks, "do you think Maggie was cleverer than Montag?")

Both- Yes!

Leo- Definitely!


Can you think of anything else you would like to have your drawings on?

Leo- Ummm, maybe a plate or a calendar.

Noah- I would like to see one of my drawings on a lamp or shade and when you switch it on at night the picture would glow on the wall.


What would you like to be when you grow up?

Noah- A scientist, because I want to make chemicals.

Leo- A diver and see all the fish.

Noah- Do you want to take pictures and see if you can find a new species of fish?

Leo- Yeah!


Can you tell me a joke?

Leo- How do you make a witch Itch? Take away the W.

Noah- Knock knock. Who's there? Arthur. Arthur who? Arthur any more biscuits in the tin?


Here are the cats, I think the boys have captured them brilliantly..









12 February, 2015 by Julie Cox

Featured young artist...

Picasso said, "Every child is an artist." 

I'm inspired by children's drawings everyday. Whether it's a potato shaped doodle or finely turned out masterpiece, kid's art reminds me to see beauty and magic in everything. Each month I'd like to feature a young artist who has really impressed me, so we begin with ...

Tilly Howard, age 6

The first of Tilly's drawings I saw was for an order back in January and it is still one of my favourite bags that have been printed. The joy and expressiveness of her artwork sums up why I love making gifts for friends and families so much! 

Tilly says;

I'm the one with the blond pig tails (left), my sister Molly has the yellow dress because that's her favourite colour, my granny is in the green dress and she has rollers in her hair and that's our brother Bob beside her. We're at our granny's house in the drawing. I coloured the sun yellow, orange and red to make it look more realistic.


Tilly has kindly created two wonderful drawings for this interview, I loved asking her about her work and what inspires her...

Hello Tilly, have your drawings changed since the first one you sent me?

Yes, they're better! Now they have more detail, like I stick things on to my drawings or I draw more things in my pictures.

Do you like drawing different things?

I love drawing different things like towns or cities, I also like drawing food like cakes, buns and ice cream!

Do you have a favourite colour?

I like purple and my very favourite colour is mint.


This drawing is brilliant! There is so much going on in it, can you tell me about it? Is this your cat?

I don't have a cat!!! The cat is a fountain for people in the town to look at. The bird is flying to its nest, it's in the apple tree so it has something to eat. The path leads to a cafe, it's called the bakers buns. The pond is in a park, there's a lily pad beside the fish and that's a bridge over the pond so people can walk around the park.

Do you think of something first, or just draw?

I just think of something before I draw.


This one really makes me smile, a lot of happy faces and hearts...

The girl (left) is me, the boy (baby) is my brother and the other one (in the middle) is my dad. My baby brother is very happy because his big sister is there but he's driving my dad mad because he threw his bowl of cereal on the floor "oh shucks Bob, not again!" I love my mummy, my daddy, my baby brother and my baby sister.

How do you feel seeing your artwork printed onto a bag or T-shirt?

I love it, it makes me feel very happy.

Can you think of other things you'd like to have your drawings printed on?

I'd do a drawing of food for an apron! I'd also love to do a drawing of me swimming and have it put on a waterproof swim bag or maybe a school bag or pencil case. I'd love a mat and a bean bag for my room as well as a duvet. I'd also love to put lots of different drawings of different coloured musical notes on a skirt or else on a scarf.

Thanks for the ideas Tilly. Keep drawing, you really are a true artist! xxx



12 October, 2014 by Julie Cox

Fun drawing ideas for kids...

I'm always on the look out for some new drawing ideas to try with my son Luke. Here are just a few I've come across to encourage creativity, develop skills and most importantly, have fun!

Car pens.

My son loves drawing and cars, how perfect is this idea bringing the two together? Just tape a crayon or pen to their favourite toys on wheels and see what happens...



Monster hands.

Another favourite, how about a hand dinosaur or a sea monster? Add legs, tentacles and googly eyes for extra scariness...


Portrait symmetry.

How do our children see themselves? This is a great way to get them to really look at their features by creating a symmetry self-portrait with a photo...


Leaf drawings.

Soon our 'Indian Summer' will sadly end, but we could cheer ourselves up collecting leaves and studying their textures and shapes...


Outlines of objects.

The more random the better! Great for colouring in after as well...

Hope these ideas inspire you and your little Picasso's to have some fun, please add any ideas you have for me to share too!








28 September, 2014 by Julie Cox

How to say thank you for teaching your child how to learn...

The perfect gift for a teacher at the end of term, a bag printed with your child's drawing is not only thoughtful and practical, it is also truly unique. You can also have multiple drawings from all the children on one bag to make a gift from the whole class.


click on this link to look at our range of bags.

21 June, 2014 by Julie Cox

A Father's Day gift guaranteed to inspire smiles all around...

Nothing says 'I love you Dad' more than a personalised gift made just for him. A t-shirt printed with his child's artwork is as unique as the child behind the drawing and he'll wear it with pride for years to come.

22 May, 2014 by Julie Cox

Father, Son and a love of StarWars...

There is something wonderful about StarWars and the special bond shared between any father and son (our son is named Luke for a reason) I wish I could see the look on his dad's face when his son presents this to him on his birthday! 


28 April, 2014 by Julie Cox

Heaven Sent!

Such a gorgeous t-shirt with angel wings printed on the back, and a beautiful little boy!


15 April, 2014 by Julie Cox

Lovely feedback from Roisin...

Thank you to lovely Roisin for this fab review…sums up why I love making them! (one of my favourite bags too)...

'I got this bag as a gift for Granny and it is just beautiful, it's an adored gift and the little artist is extremely proud to have her work immortalised! The bag itself is super quality and more roomy than expected which is a plus. I love it so much I've commissioned another for myself this time!!!',   

Roisin Howard



04 April, 2014 by Julie Cox

Personalised Pyjama tops for Mums….

Nothing says, 'I love you Mum' more than a unique gift made just for them... pyjama tshirts for mums, printed with their child's drawing. Stylish, even when sleep deprived.

 Gifts for mums here..


Grannies need Mother's Day gifts too.

A wonderful gift to Nana from her grandson, well done Eliot!

11 March, 2014 by Julie Cox
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