Orders posted 3 working days after receiving your artwork
Orders posted 3 working days after receiving your artwork

I'm always on the look out for some new drawing ideas to try with my son Luke. Here are just a few I've come across to encourage creativity, develop skills and most importantly, have fun!

Car pens.

My son loves drawing and cars, how perfect is this idea bringing the two together? Just tape a crayon or pen to their favourite toys on wheels and see what happens...



Monster hands.

Another favourite, how about a hand dinosaur or a sea monster? Add legs, tentacles and googly eyes for extra scariness...


Portrait symmetry.

How do our children see themselves? This is a great way to get them to really look at their features by creating a symmetry self-portrait with a photo...


Leaf drawings.

Soon our 'Indian Summer' will sadly end, but we could cheer ourselves up collecting leaves and studying their textures and shapes...


Outlines of objects.

The more random the better! Great for colouring in after as well...

Hope these ideas inspire you and your little Picasso's to have some fun, please add any ideas you have for me to share too!








28 September, 2014 by Julie Cox

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