Mummy, I love you to the moon and back.


It's the thoughtful gestures that are most appreciated. Flowers are great, wine even more so but a t-shirt, bag or cushion printed with her child's drawing is a truly personal gift that will really make mum smile this Mother's Day...


Cushions for mums, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

Mums are never too old for Mother's Day gifts, and kids are never too old to give them! This adorable cushion below was made by Hugo for his mum. It's a picture of her drawn by his brother at age 6, he is now 20. At the time she had bright red hair, liked stripy jumpers and wore a bows in her hair. I love that he still had this drawing and thought of creating a present for her with it.

Kisses before bedtime.

Goodnight kisses from my son at bedtime is something I hope will never end (I know it will soon though) I'll be wearing my t-shirts with drawings and messages from Luke well after they have stopped. Here are some lovely ones printed for some other sleep deprived and loved mums...


Bags of love for mum.



and granny.



Honor, age 7 drew this bag below for her grandma as she wasn't impressed with the 5p bag charges. She thought it would be an ideal gift for granny and help with her shopping. Nice work Honor! 

Wishing all mums, step mums, grannies and great grannies a love filled Mother's Day!
Julie and Luke xx
March 17, 2017 by Julie Cox
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